(Experience required: Uncials)


Front of the library of Celcus

135 A.D.

Epistheme, the goddes of knowledge

Symbol of the moral virtue of Celcus

For more than two thousand years Greek culture has had a strong influence on Western Europe. Authors and artists alike have integrated Greek words or even just Greek letters in their texts. Looking at historical examples, learn how to read and write the Greek alphabet and understand its influence on the Latin alphabet. After practicing a majestic form of Greek uncials, the focus will shift to writing famous Greek names, words and quotes in Greek and Latin. In this workshop you will discover how to achieve a new level of harmony by combining the two alphabets, thus adding a touch of classic elegance to your artwork.

Dr. Pierre-Yves FUX from the University of Geneva, was a visiting professor at the MG School from 2003 to 2005. He created this workshop especially for our students.

Material to bring: Nibs, ink, paper, masking tape, basic calligraphy tools, gouache, ruler, mixing tray, brushes, cutters, tracing paper, light blue pencil, and graph paper.