MG SCHOOL Organization

The purpose of the School is to transmit to its members the traditions and history of Western calligraphy and heraldry. The School acts as a bridge between the West and Japan and thus contributes to a better understanding of European culture. Through the spirit of Latin calligraphy it is also engaged in a wide range of international activites that benefit the cultural development of its artists.


Nobuaki TANAKA, Ambassador of Japan to Turkey (Ret.) - Former UN Under-Secretary General

<Board members>
Chairman:Nobuaki TANAKA
Director:Muriel GAGGINI (MG SCHOOL President)
Director:Angelo PONZETTA
Director:Umberto DONATI (Segretario Generale della Fondazione Italia Giappone, Roma
(ha ricevuto dal Governo giapponese l'onorificenza dell'"Ordine del Sol Levante,
Raggi in Oro con Rosetta" per l'anno 2012 .)


<Office staff>
Sales planning: Yasuko NAGASHIMA
Coordinator for Kirabikai : Madeleine UMEWAKA