Opening address

Muriel Gaggini:
Your Excellency
Thank you for your kind words. All here present tonight, deeply appreciate your generosity in making this celebration possible in your beautiful residence.
Some students have traveled all the way from Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and the Kansai area to attend this happy event.
Now let me introduce to you Mrs. Yuri Harada, President of Kampo Cultural Center and Co-founder of the MG School of Latin Calligraphy. Please give her a warm welcome.

Yuri Harada:
Thank you everyone for being here tonight to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the MG school. Just now I was introduced as the founder of the school, however the real founder is my husband; unfortunately he cannot be with us tonight. The father of my husband, Harada Kampo, was a master calligrapher who traveled around the world and introduced Japanese culture through the art of calligraphy.
My husband follows in his steps and is spreading the legacy of Japanese calligraphy through his activities of cultural exchanges. 15 years ago in 1992, when we celebrated the 40th anniversary of our foundation, we asked Muriel to make a presentation on the history of Western calligraphy in front of 2000 participants.
Our father who taught and expanded the legacy of correct and beautiful letter forms, found a common ground of understanding with MG who is a traditional teacher of Western calligraphy. My husband who was keen on starting a school of western calligraphy, told her about his project. She was living in Paris with her husband at that time, and 3 years later when she came back to Japan the MG School of Latin Calligraphy was established.
Since that time I have actually been taking care of the daily business making a good team together with Muriel, and now 10 years have come by.
The MG School is passing on the pure tradition of European calligraphy art and is a prestigious school in Japan. The School has been recognized worldwide. As a recent example, the work of our students has been on exhibit at the Abbey Museum of Echternach in Luxembourg, and because of its success with the public, the exhibit will be extended one more year till the end of 2008.
Thanks to her dedicated teaching, our students are assured to progress and become proficient calligraphers who in turn, I hope, will become cultural ambassadors in this fine art. To all of you here tonight, I say, Do Your Best!
Tonight it is an honor to be able to hold this anniversary celebration at the Residence of the Ambassador of Switzerland., the country of Muriel. Thank you, Your Excellency and Mrs. Fivat for your kindness.

Muriel Gaggini:
Well, Yuri you said it best and I just want to add, that I am ever grateful to you and your husband for your support and that I hope our wonderful team will continue to work happily together for many many years to come.

Muriel Gaggini:
これから、MG スクールの創立者、KAMPOの社長でいらっしゃる原田由利にお願い致します。熱く拍手お願いします。





H.E. Mr. Paul Fivat and Mrs.Fivat

Muriel Gaggini: