Message of His Excellency Paul Fivat, Ambassador of Switzerland
Wednesday, November 28th, 2007 at his Residence
in celebration of the 10th Anniverssary of the MG School of Latin Calligraphy

It is a great pleasure for my wife Judith and I to welcome you tonight for this celebration of the 10th anniversary of MG School of Latin Calligraphy. There is a Swiss hand behind this institution: this is the reason why I am entitled by my Authorities to offer our residence to carry out this event.

I have written a lot during my life. Before I bought my first computer, I always wrote by hand. And my wife Judith had in earlier times a specific interest in graphology, the analysis of western handwriting. Handwriting is noble activity linking the hand and the mind in order to express thoughts and to communicate. A well-written text is more valuable than a bunch of lines carelessly and hastily jotted down at random. For me, Calligraphy means a durable commitment.

This being said, one can admire calligraphy without being an expert. This is my case. I have the greatest respect for this art. There is one compelling reason for this. Calligraphy is at the origin of the re-start of Western culture after the fall of the Roman Empire. It is thanks to the Christian monks that treasures in science and philosophy from Antiquity could be handcopied and disseminated again in the North-Western- European world. Great scholastic works, which trained western minds and conduced to fresh scientific and philosophical thinking in the Renaissance, were also first written by hand. And I can fully understand that out of the necessity of readability, aesthetics could develop. Works of calligraphy are real art.

In a country like Japan, with such a rich calligraphic tradition of its own, I find it a great idea to study and practice Latin calligraphy. I wish to congratulate both co-founders for the creation of the school and for giving you an opportunity to enrich your knowledge and your skills. And I wish to congratulate you, the alumni, for dedicating your time to such an activity.

I thank you for coming to this Anniversary party tonight, I thank Muriel Gaggini and the school for their continuing efforts and I wish the School and all of you a very bright future, and an enjoyable evening.

本日はMG 西欧カリグラフィースクール創立10周年記念の集いにスイス大使公邸へ足をお運びいただき、私の妻ジュディスともども皆様のご来臨を心より歓迎申し上げます。



自国固有の書道と言う豊かな伝統を持つ日本のような国で、西洋カリグラフィーを学び練習するのは非常によいアイディアであると私は思います。MG 西欧カリグラフィースクールの創設者の方々に、スクールを創設し知識と技術をさらに豊かにする機会を提供したことに対し心より祝意を表します。そしてスクールの同窓生の皆様が知識と技術を磨く機会に貴重な時間を捧げられたことにお祝いを申し上げます。