2010 Japan Year in Turkey
"Transcending Borders with Brush and Pen"

Selected Works of Eastern and Western Calligraphy

under the direction of Muriel Gaggini, President of the MG School of Latin Calligraphy

Opening of the Exhibit at Sabanci Museum in Istanbul
From April 14th to June 27th, 2010

Between April 14th to June 27th this exhibition
had 35,000 visitors.

A beautiful modern museum by the Bosphorus

Museum catalogue
featuring the calligraphy of
Master Kampo Harada
Medieval and Renaissance leaves and documents of
the MG School of Latin calligraphy
and the Ottoman calligraphy collection of
the Sabanci Museum

Sabanci Museum

Turkish Texts Collection
in Latin Calligraphy
featuring artworks by the
best artist-calligraphers of
the MG School of Latin Calligraphy

Setting up of Kampo collection: April 9th to 12th  

Historical presentation of Chinese and Japanese calligraphies

Different brushes for different strokes

Kampo Harada's artwork was exhibited in 5 rooms

Sunday, April 10th: MG SCHOOL exhibition room and gallery

Muriel Gaggini opening the Turkish texts collection of her students

The artworks were divided by subject matter

Sabanchi Museum's Manager Mrs. Huma Arslaner
deciding on a balanced layout

Harmony on the gallery walls

Traditional writing instruments for Latin Calligraphy

Mrs. Fumiko Hoshino setting the historical collection
A red beam was used to straighten the frames

Collection of Turkish text by MG's artistsThe second floor gallery 


The MG Room of historical collection

Setting of Sabanci Museum's Ottoman calligraphy collection: April 10th to 12th  

The collection was divided amont several rooms

Tuesday, April 13th : Dinner at the Residence of the Consul General of Japan in Istanbul to celebrate the opening of the exhibition

Together with 3 MG students :
From left: Mrs. Marjana Nakagawa・Mrs. Fumiko Hoshino,
center: Muriel Gaggini・and Ambassador Tanaka
Mrs. Yuko Rinoie

Cocktail time in the Salon
Kampo's Master calligrapher Mrs. Hiroko Harada and
her daughter Anri

From left:
Amb. N. Tanaka, Mrs. Hiroko Harada, Mrs. Yuri Harada,
Consul General Hayashi and Mrs. Muriel Gaggini

Entrance hall

Official menu bearing the crest of Japan


Japanese delicacies were prepared by the in-house chef

Morning of Wednesday April 14th: Press conference at Sabanci Museum 

Greetings by the Ambassador of Japan

Two artists of MG School were introduced to the press:
From left: Mrs. Fumiko Hoshino and Mr. Yuko Rinoie

From left: Sabanci's Consultant Dr. Filiz Cagman
President of Kampo Cultural Center Mrs. Yuri Harada,
Ambassador of Japan Mr. Nobuaki Tanaka,
MG School President Mrs. Muriel Gaggini,
Director of Sabanci Museum Dr. Nazan Olcer,
President of Mitsubishi Corporation Istanbul Mr. Taiichi Itoh,
and Vice President of JT Japan Mr. Bilugehan Anlas

Interview of Mrs. Yuko Rinoie

Mrs. Rinoie and Mrs. Hoshino's vellum books

Interview of Mrs. Fumiko Hoshino

■Evening: Opening reception with red carpet

Arrival of guests

Arrival of the Minister of Culture and Tourism
From left: M. Gaggini, H.E. N. Tanaka,
The Hon. Ertugrul Gunay , Minister
Dr. Nazan Olcer, Director of Sabanci Museum

Center: Mrs. Guler Sabanci, owner of the Museum
welcoming her guests

Television staff came to film the opening of the exhibition. Before the ribbon cutting ceremony,
the Minister of Culture addressed the distinguished audience (200 VIPs attended)

From left: Mrs. Yuri Harada・Mrs. Gunseli Kato and
Mrs. Hayashi, wife of the Consul General of Japan

The Honorable Ertugrul Gunay congratulated Mrs. Hoshino and Rinoie for their wonderful contribution to the exhibit

The Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew I
was among the distinguished guests

Demonstration of Japanese calligraphy by
Master calligrapher Hiroko Harada together with
a Koto performance by Mrs. Fumiko Hoshino

Miss Anri Harada showing the artwork of calligraphy to the audience


■April 15 to 18th: workshops of Japanese and Western calligraphy at the Museum

Turkish people at the Latin calligraphy session

Demonstration by Mrs. Hoshino in Turkish!

Mrs. Yuko Rinoie showing the use of the pen

View of the workshop room

Japanese calligraphy by Turkish people

Together with Kampo's Master calligrapher
Mrs. Hiroko Harada