Wednesday 14th of May, 2014
Residence of the Ambassador of Spain

Embassy gate

Welcome drink

Calligrapher in charge: Mrs. F. Hoshino
Place cards were written in
the Chancery Italic style

Tapestry bearing the coat-of-arms
of the Foreign Ministry

Presentation of the Royal coat-of-arms of Spain
H.E. Miguel Navarro


Table center decorations

A delicious menu was especially prepared by the embassy chef

The table cloth and napkins were
embroidered with the royal crown and the initials E.E.
for Embajada España

Hors d'oeuvre

Everyone enjoyed an evening with refined dishes in an elegant setting

Main dish: Alfonsino

Homard soup

A Sherry wine from Cadiz
was served with the main dish

@Dessert time: greetings by the Chairman of MG School,
H.E. Nobuaki Tanaka

On behalf of all attendants, a card was made by
Mrs. Yuko Rinoie and presented to
Mrs. Romana Navarro

Thank you card by Mrs. Yuko Rinoie


After dinner time
from left: Mrs. Hoshino, Mrs. Gaggini,
Mrs. Navarro and Mrs. Rinoie