15th Anniversary Celebration

2012 was the 15th year for MG School.
Everyone assembled to celebrate this unique event.

Front desk: Ai Yamaguchi
Office Manager

Welcome to our 15th Anniversary celebration!

Fumi Akagi, from Administration
also welcomed everyone

Enjoying conversation

Greeting from our President Muriel Gaggini

Toast by Nobuaki Tanaka, Chairman

Cheers 〜!!

The Fiesta's buffet

Finally the party started!

JAZZ performance:Vocal: Ai Yamaguchi
Keyboard .Norihito Sugawara

Under the spell of Ai Yamaguchi's sweet voice

Raffle time: 4th prizes
Ball pen made from a Sequoia tree

What next ?

3rd prize:
Digital photo frame by SONY

First prize to Ms. Togashi!
15th c. facsimile leaf, French
witn miniature painting and illumination

Congratulations !

15th Anniversary Cake

Door prize for all participants:

Spanish Rotunda, 16th c. reproduction

Resurection page

Quizz time

Sterling silver bowl: quizz prize

Six winners of the quizz

Closing address to a warm celeb ration
by the President


Date: Saturday, August 4th, 2012  ー 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Place : FIESTA 

Tel: 03-6447-1352