「How to master Gothic Textura Quadrata」

Gothic Textura Quadrata

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Called "Black letters" because of the predominance of black strokes,
these powerful and luxurious letters were popular from the 13th century.

Lessons start with basic shapes and progress to the correct use of punctuation, letter variations, ligatures and numerals.
Elegant capitals from the book of hours of the Duke of Berry are analyzed before moving on to Lombardic initials and their decoration.
In order to master this hand, everything you need to know is here!

Manual presentation: our sturdy navy blue binder bearing the golden
coat of arms of the School is convenient for study and practice.
Practice sheets of high grade paper suitable for ink and gouache,
can be removed for easy writing.

Monochrome, 200 pages (92 for text and 109 for practice models and charts.)

On-line in colors