The origin of tea bags - French text


TEA BAGS are the invention of a New York tea and coffee merchant.

In 1904 he sent to his best customers a few hundred samples of tea leaves

in small sachets of silk sewn by hand. He thought that this way would be less expensive

than sending samples in tin boxes as was the custom. To his surprise,

many of his customers ordered additional tea leaves in silk bags.

They had realized that it was more simple and quicker to pour

boiling water directly on top of a tea bag rather than

preparing tea in a pot. This is how this marketing

idea ended up in the selling of tea leaves in bags.

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Charming miniatures illustrate the long journey of the tea.
Written in the elegant Italic style, it is the story of a New York tea merchant.
In 1904, he sent samples of tea leaves in small silk sachets to his best customers.
The idea of pouring hot water directly on tea bags became soon popular.

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