Code. MG-004
MG Writing Board

24,000 plus shipping cost

Exclusive design, convertible into a light box.
adjustable angles, transparent.

The MG school writing board has been designed with various angles for work with pens and brushes, thus preventing stiffness in the neck and shoulders; it can also be converted into a light box by placing a neon-tube light underneath it.

when writing with gouache the board should be at a flatter angle to speed the flow to the tip of the nib, as gouache is thicker than ink.

40° and 45°angles: these two angles are used with ink, sumi or thin watercolors.

the shaft of quills and reed pens being rather wide, a steep angle is needed to control the flow of ink to the tip of the pen.

Copyright Muriel Gaggini 1998 - All photographs and artwork are the property of MG School