This two-day event started with a ribbon cutting ceremony by Muriel Gaggini to open an exhibit of miniature paintings by the National college of Arts graduates and of Urdu calligraphy by Master Khurshid Gohar Alam KALAM.


At Lahore National College of Arts and Design: from left Muriel Gaggini, Prof Amad, Principal Vandal and Master Kalam

Calligraphy work on exhibit by Master Khursheed Kalam Miniature paintings on exhibit with Master Bashir Ahmad

Two masters exchanged their calligraphy with a reed pen

From left: Muriel Gaggini, Master Kalam and Prof. Bashir at the National College of Arts in Lahore

Miniature paintings and Urdu calligraphy as well as video interviews of the miniaturists and Master Kalam were featured in a Pakistan exhibit at the Kampo museum of Kyoto from November 2005. Ministure paintings by Mr. Bashir Armad, master miniaturist and professor of NCA were also shown at the museum for 3 months.

Master Kalam's powerful calligraphy received Japan's Minister of Foreign Affairs Award in February at an exhibit of the International Calligraphers Association at the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum in Ueno.

Pakistan, located in the cradle of Indus civilization and nurtured by the blessings of the Indus River, has inherited 4,600 years of history and culture. Founded on its unique inheritance of the Buddhist culture of Gandhara, trade along the Silk Road and the Islamic culture of the Mughal Empire, Pakistan has forged its own identity as a new nation since becoming independent along with India from the British rule in 1943.


LAHORE, site of the National Collegeof Arts, was once the capital of the Mughal Empire and the people of Lahore go about their daily lives of adherence to the tenets of Islam surrounded both by modern buildings and by beautiful structures that keep their history alive. At NCA the study of the arts seeks to carry forward the cultural inheritance and traditional crafts passed down from their ancestors.

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