"IV Centenario de la Embajada Keicho"
『Commemoration of the 400th anniversary
of the Keicho Mission to Spain』

Date:October 26th to November 11th, 2013
: Cervantes Institute in Tokyo



Participation by the best artists of MG School to the Year of Spain in Japan, commemorating 400 years of diplomatic relations.
In 1613 the Sendai feudal lord Date Masamune sent the first diplomatic Keicho Mission to Spain and the Vatican.

On the 29th of October, Her Highness PrincessTakamado visited the exhibit of calligraphy works all executed in Spanish,
relating the history of the diplomatic mission led by Hasekura Tsunenaga, a samurai retainer serving Date Masamune.

From left to right: H. E. Ambassador Morinari of Costa Rica, M. Gaggini, President of the MG School,
Princess Takamado and Mr. A. Gil de Carrasco, Director of the Instituto Cervantes

Words from Her Highness Princess Takamado:
"I learned calligraphy when I was 16 at an English Public School, so I have always loved calligraphy.
These works of art are wonderful, congratulations"

The exhibit was set at the entrance of the Institute
and at the B1 level of the symposium hall

"IV Centenario de la Embajada Keicho"

At the request of the Cervantes Institute, the history of the Hasekura mission was depicted through calligraphy, miniature paintings and heraldic art.

Sunday, 27th of October, 2013
Congreso de la historia "IV Centenario de la Embajada Keicho"
Symposium on the history of the Keicho embassy to Spain


Opening speech by Mr. Gil de Carrasco, Director of the Institute.
Closing remarks:
"I wish to convey my congratulation to the artists of the MG School of Calligraphy for the high quality of their works of art and the authenticity of the presentation of the history of the Hasekura Mission to Spain. Thank you to Mrs. Muriel Gaggini for her guidance and contribution to this beautiful exhibit."

Mr. Hasekura Tsunetaka was present at the symposium
He traces his ancestry 13 generations back directly to
the samurai Hasekura Tunenaga

Panel discussion

Experts on the history of diplomatic relations between Spain and Japan
as well as scholars came from Mexico, Cuba, Spain , the Philippines and Japan


          Prof. Carlos Martínez Shaw,
     Catedrático de Historia Moderna (UNED)




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On November 5th the Ambassador of Spain, His Excellency and Mrs. Miguel Navarro came to admire the exhibit and showed deep interest in the elegant presentation of the history of the Hasekura mission

From left to right:
H.E. Nobuaki Tanaka, Chairman of the MG School, Mrs. Romana Navarro,
M. Gaggini, President of the School, H.E. Miguel Navarro, Ambassador of Spain
and Mr. A. Gil de Carrasco, Director of the Cervantes Institute

With artist-calligraphers from the Kansai region

On the last day all participating artists gathered to celebrate.

A lunch was offered by the MG School of Calligraphy at Rokubankan in Kojimachi

Opening remarks by the School Chairman H.E. Nobuaki Tanaka

Toast by the President

Thank you to all the parties involved in this wonderful cultural event: the Embassy of Spain, the Cervantes Institute and the MG School of Latin Calligraphy