Celebration party at the Italian Embassy:
Closing party for the Tokyo Italian Wine Fair 2011

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Agriculture



Wine-making is more than 3000 years old。Since that time
wine has been a companion to our everyday table 。
Wine week was celebrated from November 21 to 27, 2011。

The Italian Ambassador held a party to thank all the participants
for their contribution in making this event a success 。

Welcome by the Ambassador
of MG School 3 top artists

H.E. Mr. Vincenzo Petrone

Thank you for your beautiful calligraphy artwork!


The work of five students of MG School related to wine
were selected
to be exhibited during this party:

Hirose MachikoFujii MichikoOomachi Reiko
Inoue Mayumi and Toyama Atsuko (order of exhibit)

From left: Ms. Sano of the Italian Cultural Institute
preparing the exhibit table together with
Mr. Bosio, Counsellor of the Embassy:

"Each artwork reflects a deep knowledge
of history and symbolism"

From left: Mesdames Sano、Hirose, Omachi, Toyama and Gaggini
together with Ms. Wakimoto and Mrs. Donati, spouse of the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute

After greetings by the Ambassador,
guests were entertained
by famous excerpts of Opera on wine

By the fireplace: MG School 3 artists:

From left: Mesdames Omachi, Hirose and Toyama

Second from Left: Mr. Umberto Donati Director of the Italian Cultural Institute

Everyone enjoyed the fabulous dishes
prepared by the Embassy chefs
A taste of Italian wines



After dinner:
Accordeon performance


From Left: Mesdames Toyama, Omachi and Hirose
with Ambassador Petrone

About 200 people were invited
to this memorable evening