The work of some of our best students was exhibited
at the Abbey Museum of Echternach in Luxembourg,
between May 2007and
September of 2008.

All artworks produced were executed under the direction of Muriel Gaggini
Two of our students Miss Yayoi Nishimura and Miss Maiko Takeoka visited the site
and we are happy to show the pictures they took and report on this exhibit.

The Abbey Museum


Located in the eastern part of Luxembourg, Echternach was an important center for the production of manuscripts since the early middle ages.

The monastery of Echternach was etablished in 698 when the missionary St. Willibrord, came over from Ireland. In the scriptorium of the Abbey, competent scribes used quills and reed pens to write and copy a wide range of manuscripts.

One of the most precious manuscripts created by the artists-calligraphers of the Scriptorium of Echternach is the Codex Aureus, which was completed during the reign of Emperor Otto in the latter part of the 11th century. Unfortunately, most of the precious manuscripts of Echternach, confiscated during the wars, are now kept in their original form by the National libraries of Germany, Spain, and France.

This exhibit was shown for 4 months in Tokyo and Kyoto. See our home page International Activities. In Japan the MG School provided training to its students to express the spirit of the tradition of Echternach in their work.

This was an occasion for the Abbey Museum to display their artwork which was produced Tokyo during the course of several semesters at the School.

The best work of 16 students trained in the style of writing and illumination of the 11th century was selected to be exhibited along with the manuscripts of the Abbey of Echternach.

<The Abbey Museum Exhibit of the artwork ofJapanese calligraphers,
illuminators and heraldic designers>

"Exhibition of calligraphy work from Japan"

Exhibit panels near the entrance

Visitors enjoy discovering the subtilities of the art of
Western calligraphy and illumination

Opposite side of panel

Miss Maiko Takeoka in front of her artwork:

The Dancing Procession written out on goat skin with white gold ilumination.

Visitors were enthralled by Illumination work making lavish use of precious metals and pigments and using the technique of Celtic interlaces, swirls and coils.

On this panel large scale work was on display.

Miss M. Takeoka giving explanations to a visitor

Animal skin being stretched on a parchment frame

Celtic interlaces on a column are appreciated by Miss Yayoi Nishimura, herself an expert in this technique

Replica of a scribe's reading desk from the Middle Ages

Window of miniature paintings of some of the sights of Echternach

The Arms of Echternach by Mrs. Fumiko Hoshino

Miss Yayoi Nishimura looking at the manuscript page she reproduced from the original: The beginning of the St Luke's Gospel from the Echternach Gospels

Galery exhibit of the facsimile pages of the
CODEX AUREUS (11th century) an inspiration to all our proficient artists

Left: color print of the St Luke' Gospel

Right: exquisite reproduction of that page by
Miss Yayoi Nishimura, using quills.

This Gospel book was brought by St Willibrord to Echternach in the 7th century. 

Close-up of our best students' artwork on display in Echternach