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Member of the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan

MURIEL GAGGINI - School President


Award of the Foreign Minister of Japan

1991  International Book of Honor Award
1992 20th Anniversary Award of the International Calligraphers Association
1993 Dedication to the Teaching of Calligraphy Award
1998 Commemoration Award of the International Calligraphers Association
1999 The publication of "How to Master the Chancery Hand" was honored at a presentation party and exhibit sponsored by UNESCO, in Paris.
2001 Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Contribution by the Friends of Calligraphy 
San Francisco proclamation by the City and County of San Francisco: November 3, 2001 as Muriel Gaggini Day
2002  Certificate of recognition from the International Calligraphers Association
2004 Certificate of recognition from the International Calligraphers Association
Swiss Master Calligrapher
Muriel Gaggini
2010 Certificates of Appreciation from the Embassy of Turkey in Japan and
the Embassy of Japan in Turkey - For Contribution to "2010 Japan Year in Turkey"
  Certificate of Appreciation: Organizing Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs : Outstanding contribution to "2010 Japan Year in Turkey"
2014 Diploma Award from the International Calligraphers Association for continuing support of their activities
2016 Certificate of Appreciation - Embassy of Japan, Switzerland - Swiss Culture by Japanese Western Calligraphers
2017 Certificate of Appreciation - Instituto Cervantes, Tokyo - Three collections of Spanish calligraphies


MURIEL GAGGINI(French-Swiss)graduated in 1983 from the professional course of Western Calligraphy at the New School for Social Research in New York. She taught traditional calligraphy in Japan for ten years at the YMCA College of English, and was a pioneer in introducing this art to the Japanese people. To complement the research she had done in the libraries of Europe and the USA, she became a reader at the Department of Manuscripts of the National Library in France and the Mazarine Library in Paris from 1995 to 1997. She is registered as a Heraldic designer at the Societe Internationale d'Heraldique in Geneva. Various educational institutions in Europe, Asia and in the USA have invited her to conduct workshops on the art of calligraphy and lecture on the history of writing and the art of heraldry. Her work has been used in publications and exhibited in Japan, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Pakistan, Turkey and in the USA. She founded the MG School of Latin Calligraphy in Tokyo in 1997.



How to Master the Chancery Hand

The publication of this manual and its exercise books was celebrated by UNESCO in Paris in December of 1999.
Written in English, French and Japanese.
Manual: 112 pages.
Sold with a set of 4 exercise books.

Correspondence course available.
How to Master the Gothic Textura Quadrata Hand

Manual in English and Japanese with exercise sheets included.
Folder of 112 pages.
Correspondence course available.



2 .

Calligraphy and heraldry posters

1. Alphabet samples : the development of the Latin alphabet from Antiquity to Present
2. A heraldic map of Switzerland: cantons with their flora, fauna and local productions in miniature paintings
3. The origin of tea bags: how a New York tea merchant introduced the tea bag to the local society (in French)




For those who wish to know more about European calligraphy
Language: Japanese - Duration: 50 mn Price: Yen 2,500

The history of calligraphy
A trip spanning five thousand years of history.
The development of the alphabet, the art of writing in Europe and calligraphy today.

Enjoy calligraphy
Enter a world of endless beauty and bring additional pleasure and grace to your life events through the noble art of writing.

How to write
Demonstration of all the tools needed to start calligraphy.
Four styles of writing are introduced.
Close-up of pen movements.

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