The importance of knowing calligraphy in the study of paleography

AT MG SCHOOL, in all calligraphy courses students are introduced to
basic notions of paleography through the use of
lapidary inscriptions, copies of scrolls and manuscript pages related to the script under study.

During the first lesson of any course, the historical background of the script
is discussed, its different applications and particularities.

In order to master different styles of the Latin alphabet and write in a smooth and elegant manner,
it is important to understand ligatures, variations, letter combinations,
and to decypher paleographic and abbreviation signs.

From the second lesson onwards, an analysis of the style under study is made,
and students are asked to spell out excerpts
from historical pages.
This is followed by actual practice of the hand.

While studying calligraphy, students have a chance to learn more about
European culture, take an intimate look at the history of different regions and
master new techniques in the handling of the pen.

A class on the History of Writing is also part of the program.

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