A two-hour session for anyone who wishes to be initiated
to the basic tools of calligraphy and their use.

March 27th 2018iTUEj10F00 - 12:00

This initiation class must be taken before enrolling in any of the other courses. The participants are introduced to the calligraphy board and are taught how to prepare their page using a T-square and general pen movements. Upon completion of this two-hour session, students may register for any of the regular courses (except at the intermediate level).

To bring: ink, sharp pencil, small paper cup, eraser,
Fee: Yen7,500 (material included)
Maximum participation: 4 people
Beginner's kit: Yen 4,800

A glimps at the beginners' workshop

Practice for good spacing


œ Student registration fee: ¥150,000 (one-time payment)
œ One term fee (3 months) ¥60,000 per course (calligraphy charts and documentation included)
œ Maximum students per class: 5
œ Course duration: 3 months, 12 lessons, 90 minutes each
œ Calligraphy tools can be purchased at the school

œ Office hours: 10:00-18:00 Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
To register: info@mg-school.com
Tel: 03-3261-5273 Fax (03) 3261-5277