January 11th to February 28th, 2011

Sunday, February 13th, 11:00 to 12:30
Open fromm 10:30

Place : MG SCHOOL in Tokyo

Items on exhibit:
manuscripts leaves from the 13th century,
important documents, facsimile books and replicas.
Traditional illumination and writing tools.


17th-19th century

Quills Precious pigments

W. Morris book on vellum


During the Gallery talk given on February 13th by Muriel Gaggini,
over 60 items from her private collection were put on exibit:

* Writing instruments and tools from Antiquity to the 19th century.
* Manuscript leaves from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
* 5 facsimile pages and 2 books of important European manuscripts.
* Replicas of writing and reading desks.
* Various texts on paper and vellum from the beginning of printing (middle of the 15th c.)
* Documents bearing coat of arms.
* Notary documents and specimens of 19th c. penmanship.
* A book on vellum, printed by William Morris.


The collection was on exhibit in Istanbul at the Sabanci Museum
from April 12th till June 30th, 2010
along with MG School's best students calligraphy works in the Turkish language
See the collection

Muriel's collection of
manuscript leaves


1. Bible leaf (1240年 Paris )

2.Illuminated book of prayers (1270年 Switzerland)

3. Lectern bible
(14th c. Flandres)

4. Rare calendar pages from a small book of hours with table for the golden number (c.1350 Italy)

5. Breviary leaf (c.1400, East Anglia)

6. Initial A with filigrees
(c.1500 Italy)

7. The month of May from a book of hours
(15th c. France)

8. Rare incunabula leaf on vellum
(15th c. Burgundy)

9. Open leaves, miniature book of prayers
(15th c. Paris)

10. Hours for the Augustinian convent of Delft
(15th c. Holland)

11. Open leaves from a large book of psalms
(15th c. Florence)

12. Illuminated Bible leaf with gloses
(15th c. Italy)

13. Illuminated missal leaf
(15th c. Flandres)

14. Illuminated leaf with filigrees
(c.1470 France)

15. From a Book of Hours 
(c. 1490年 from the workshop of Simon Bening, Bruges)

16. Illuminated leaf with prayers
(c.1490 Rouen)
17. Letter addressed to
Pope Innocenzo VIII with his Arms
(1492 Rome)
18. Letter from the Chancery of
Pope Julius II, sealed with his portrait
(February 1511, Rome)

19. Illuminated leaf from a psalter & prayer book
(1524, Hildesheim)

20. Letter from the Brotherhood of the Holy Sacrament
(27th of March, 1540, Cuesmes)

Collection of facsimile books and leaves

1. The Guta-Sintram Codex
(1154 Alsace)
Strasbourg, Bib. du Gd Seminaire Ms. 37
Limited edition 368 of 980

2. Simon Bening's Flemish Calendar
(16th c. Bruges)
Munich Bayerische St.Bibl. clm23638
Limited edition 452 of 980

3. One leaf from the World Chronicle, 13th c.
St. Gall, Vadiana Cantonal Library

4. One leaf from Biblia Pauperum
(15th c. the Hague)
London, British Library, Kings Ms.5

5. One leaf from Les Belles Heures
du Duc de Berry
(14th c. France)
NY Metropolitan Museum
Cloister, Acc. No.54.1.1


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